Nio García

Nio García


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  • Due to COVID-19 children under 12 years of age may not enter the Coca-Cola Music Hall.
  • Per Coca-Cola Music Hall policy and for your safety, everyone under the age of 16 is required to be accompanied by an adult at all times during events. This rule applies to all events that take place at Coca-Cola Music Hall.
  • Cameras with removable lenses or high-range lenses are not allowed.
  • Food and drinks from other establishments, perfume bottles, firearms, knives, horns or whistles, controlled substances, laser pointers, faces covered with masks banners or flags with wooden poles, baby carriages, electronic cigarettes are no allowed, nor "selfie stick".
  • Visit our A to Z Guide for more information 

Prohibited Items

For The Safety & Security of our guests please visit out list of prohibited items.




Oct 2021